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Permanent M/U

South Florida's Premier Eyelash Studio
Lash extensions are here!  Long, lush, and pre-curled.  There's no need for mascara or curling between services. Gentle enough to use on the most sensitive eyes, lash extensions comfortably last month after month with a touch-up every 3-4 weeks.  Lash extensions make eyes look and feel beautiful.  Add volume, length, thickness, and style!  Safe for contact lens wearers.

McKenzie J. Ramirez is a NovaLash certified extensionist trained by NovaLash's 2011 Trainer of the Year, Michelle Mirizio.

McKenzie J. Ramirez is a member of South Florida's elite lash artists - NovaLash Advanced Certified.  Trained by NovaLash's International Advanced Trainer, Sophia Navarro.
The eyes have it at MJ Makeup Artistry!  Lashes and brows transform the face.  Book your appointment today for eye opening lashes with South Florida's leading 
Makeup Artist McKenzie J. Ramirez

Lash Menu

Full-Set Appointment
Full Set (Top Lashes Only)   2 hrs.       $200
Bottom Lashes                        30 mins.  $40

Maintenance Appointment
Touch Up                                 60 mins.   $70
Extended Touch Up                                $100
Bottom Touch Up                  30 mins.    $25

​Removal $50
YES, I FIX LASHES!  $250 for removal & re-application.​

NovaLash After Care Kit $50 
Protect your investment!

NovaLash Aftercare Kit
McKenzie J. Ramirez Lashes Over 90 Clients A Month! Get Lashed By Palm Beach's Advanced Trained.
McKenzie J. Ramirez Lashes Over 90 Clients A Month! Get Lashed By Palm Beach's Advanced Trained.